Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy October :)

I can't believe it's already October! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. So, with Halloween approaching I'm on the hunt for cute costumes! It's probably one of my favorite holidays :) I admit I do like to dress sexy (not too crazy scandalous tho) for Halloween lol..I mean, it's the ONE day a year where us girls get a chance to do so! So, why not have fun with it?! I know some girls aren't into that, which is perfectly fine.. but that's just me. A lot of these costumes are played out though! Ex: sexy nurse, cop, teacher, referee etc. etc.! Anyways...I wanted to ask everyone for some new cute costume ideas or maybe even links to some good sites to check out! Whether it be a costume you can make on your own or buy.. Let me know :) Even if you'd just like to share what you are planning on being/doing this Halloween, I'd love to hear from you guys.

Also! I do have a boyfriend & we usually like to coordinate our costumes :)

xo, Natalie
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  1. Coordinating costumes is so much fun! Have fun!

  2. Im always bad a picking a really cute costume! Can wait to see what you go with though
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  3. This year I'm going to be Jessica Rabbit. Last year I was flapper & my boyfriend was a 1920's mobster kind of guy. In the pat we've done killer nurse & dead patient...we like to be scary every once in awhile.


  4. best season of the year i cant wait for Halloween

  5. I'm not really into dressing up for Halloween but have fun finding your perfect costume this year!:D

    Happy October!:D

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  6. I love love dressing up for halloween, i always have the best time putting together my costume.

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  7. im totally with you on the sexy costumes! Halloween is my favorite but not sure ill be dressing up this year being that im 4 months prego. Look forward to seeing what you wear! xoox