Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Secret to Super Soft Skin!!

So, with colder weather approaching...we all know that means, dry skin & chapped lips :( boo! But I wanted to share my skincare routine during the colder months (I actually tend to do this all year round lol..but it REALLY helps during the fall/winter) To be honest, my routine isn't some top secret regimen. But it's just what I do, & it really does help my skin stay super soft & polished! I will list the actual products I use but anything similar will work just fine.
What you need:

*an exfoliator

*baby/body oil

*a skin firming lotion

*a terry/fleece robe


*While showering, use your exfoliator to scrub off all dead skin cells on your body. During the colder seasons, our hands & feet tend to get really dry from being exposed to the cold be sure to pay special attention to those areas. (side note: I usually only use this step & the exfoliating body wash once a week)

*After showering, dry off your body but make sure your skin is still somewhat moist w/ water. Take your baby/body oil & rub it thouroughly all over your body. I like to pay special attention to my legs & arms with the oil to keep my skin really nice & soft!

*Next, take your body firming lotion & use that over the oil & all over your body as well to seal it in.

*Be sure to wrap up in a soft terry/fleece robe. This helps absorb any extra oil or lotion on your body! I usually leave it on while doing my hair & makeup to really help lock in the moisture for my skin.

& that's it! So simple :) & I can guarentee you will notice a difference. I loved doing this so much that I also continue to do this in the Summer especially cause my skin gets soo dried out from the sun & swimming! Everything is SO inexpensive but honestly works wonders when use all together! & you will end up with beautiful super soft skin! LOVE <3

OH! & for dry, chapped lips my miracle & go-to product is Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub! I swear by this stuff. Its made with sugar so it tastes yummy & smells great too. Whenever my lips feel extra dry OR if I know I'm going to be using a drying matte type lipstick I use this beforehand. Just make sure you moisturize your lips afterwards w/ a chapstick or lip balm. Right now my favorite has been Neutrogena's Revitalizing Lip Balm. It's an $8 lip balm!!! But I really think it's worth the price, its soooo moisturing, tastes & smells good too. But, any type will work just as well :)


Hope you girls like this post :) let me know if you have any other good skincare routines or products I should know about ;) xoxo



  1. I am for sure going to try this out! Thank you for sharing [:

  2. This sounds like the perfect thing to do on a cozy night in! :)

  3. i've tried caress body wash in that exact scent, and i loved it! it smelled fantastic and it is amazing! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  4. Caress body washes are the best! I also use the exfoliating brown one & love it!! xox


  6. Thanks for the tips, I always get chapped lips so some kind of lip balm is with me always.


  7. I love wearing my robe while getting ready too, thanks for sharing!:D

    Happy Saturday, Natalie!:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  8. OK! I want that robe NOW! lol
    I am new follower! If you would like to check out my blog please do!

    <3 LJ

  9. I love Caress exfoliater, but I use the evenly gorgeous, It smells AMAZING!!

  10. need to try the nivea lotion! xo