Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 Beauty Products for this Fall!

1.) Royal blue or deep purple shadow &/or liner.

With not being able to wear many bright colors in the Fall season...These colors easily spice up any makeup look & practically looks good on every skin tone! I love using these shades for a pop of color to my basic makeup looks. They also look amazing with a nice black or grey smokey eye.

2.) An exfoliate.

With cooler temps approaching our skin can start becoming very dry & dull. An exoliator can really bring out your natural glow & prep your skin for a flawless makeup application. Just make sure to moisturize really well afterwards!..Trust me, your skin will look better than ever ;)

3.) Dark nail polish. (my favorite for Fall/Winter ^_^ )

Other than being able to wear cute cozy clothes & layers for warm weather..being able to wear my DARK polishes get me excited for Fall (hahaha...I know it's the "little" things in life ;P ) This year I'm loving dark purples, blues, greens, browns, & black but all with a hint of different colors of shimmer/glitter. So fun!!

4.) Bronzer.

Keep rocking that healthy looking glow into the next season by using a good bronzer. Be sure to find a good shade that matches your complexion & DON'T over due it :) Snooki is my girl & I will forever love her but keep that ULTRA BRONZED look to her!!! Lol 0:) I use bronzer more for contouring my face & it gives me a nice subtle glow. If using a bronzer for contouring..just make sure it has no glitter or sparkles in it & it's a nice matte shade.

5.) Berry/Plum lipstick & gloss.

Berry & plum shades are the perfect go to color for Fall. These shades have the ability to be flattering on just about everyone! Plus there are soo many different hues to choose from. Just make sure when using a darker color on your lips to keep your eyes and the rest of your face makeup more natural.  This will really make your lips pop & keep you from looking like a clown!!

Will you be using any of these types of products this season? I'd love to hear any other recommendations or tips!! Hope everyone is having a great week :)

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  1. WOW I seriously need to get my hands on some blue or purple eyeliner! I love the way that blue liner is below Kelly's eyes. (That IS Kelly Rowland, right?!? LOL).

  2. love this article very cool to see different loooks

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  4. love this post. That purple eyeshadow on Rihanna is divine. So have to get that shade of purple for fall

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  5. i am loving blue and purple eyeshadow! and dark nail color really is the best for fall and winter. :D

    <3, Mimi
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  7. I like so much your blog, i hope you can check out mine.

  8. Love the whole black/dark nailpolish and the one with purple blue eyemakeup - wouldn't do the last one myself though - i don't think my face can handle that sort of makeup, too heavy ;)
    also the bronzer isn't for me.. :P I always look stupid when i've tried to apply it!

  9. Fun post!

    I will be wearing dark lips and nails this fall.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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