Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I love Leopard!!! Hear me "RawR" :)

Leopard print. My #1 guiltiest fashion obsession. I feel people either LOVE IT or HATE IT! In all honesty..I love it (when used correctly, I'm not talking 'head to toe leopard messiness' for example: Jerseylicious hahaha) Leopard print can actually be extremely tasteful, classy, & sexy all at the same time when done correctly. & I truly believe that it has been & is going to always be a timeless trend. Below, I put together a few looks that I think really show that leopard print can be fabulous!!! Rawrrrr. ;)

Look #1:

Look #2:

Look #3:

What are your feelings towards leopard print? Are you a  Lover  or a Hater? <3


  1. I absolutely love leopard & animal prints too! The 3 looks you created are gorgeous =] awesome post!

  2. leopard is such a HOT look, so sexy and appealing. It makes you feel controlling while wearing it.

  3. The one outfit where the skirt is in leopard print - is perfection! I would do it! ;) I usually wear leopard as a headband or scarf :-)
    But I would really like a pair of ballerinas!!